Technical Valuations

Welcome to Technical Valuation Services Inc.

Technical Valuation Services Inc. is a global company based in Austin, TX. We provide solutions concerning the analysis and valuation of your personal property. Our commitment is to afford you the maximum standard of expertise as a capable resource of appraisal knowledge.

Technical Valuation Services Inc. analyses, appraises, and provides consulting services of personal property for various purposes such as:

J. Michael Clarkson, MBA, ASA and his team have decades of experience appraising diverse industries throughout the world.

Our assignments encompass engagements from the Arctic Ocean to the African tropics, including a majority of the states in the U.S. Valuing and appraising your personal property requires an extensive knowledge of your industry as well as fields outside personal property including financial regulations, tax laws, insurance, engineering, economics, and Generally Accepted Appraisal Techniques (GAAT). A professional valuation requires the ability to communicate with attorneys, accountants, and equipment engineers. Technical Valuation Services Inc. has over three decades of capably performing reliable research, analysis and expert witness testimony.

We Value Your Assets.


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